Heading 4

Heading 4

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Our Story

How it All Started

One bitter cold winter's day, we were both talking about our love and passion for sewing and quilting.  We wanted to share our love with others.  As we were looking at a stack of vintage quilts that Elizabeth had in her sewing room, we realized, with a few exceptions, neither of us had ever seen these blocks before.  More talking and plotting and planning, and a few weeks later we decided to take the plunge. At My Grandmother's Quilt, our mission is to deliver a wonderful quilt block with easy to follow written instructions along with a fun how-to video  each month.  

We know that some vintage quilt blocks look fabulous in a quilt but aren't all that exciting on their own.  So we'll be putting together downloadable instructions for those as well, that will provide yardages and layouts for standard quilt sizes.

We're also partnering with Wooden Feetures to provide you with beautiful wooden-handled sewing tools that feature a seam ripper on one end and a stiletto on the other.  Watch our products page!

Hand turned seam ripper/stiletto available at